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Rhein Control’s Operation at Birkenfeld under the Regime of BFS

Rhein Control’s Operation at Birkenfeld under the Regime of BFS

During the years after the transfer of responsibility for ATS operations to BFS and until the relocation of the centre to Frankfurt airport in April 1968 a number of significant changes and incidents occurred. Now the scene has been set for this jointly operated civil / military ATS centre for the upper airspace and the traffic volume increased considerably to totally underestimated amounts, 14% annually, civil as well as military. The weak response of BFS, differing interests of the GAF and the stepwise withdrawal of USAFE from its logistic services all had a negative effect on Rhein Control's operation over the forthcoming years.

After the USAF/RCAF mid-air collision had taken place and negotiations of the MoT, BFS, the controllers' association VDF and the trade unions had failed, transport minister Dr. Seebohm finally decided to visit Rhein UAC, but, as to be expected, did not initiate any change to the better. The first president of BFS never visited the centre during his whole 16-year long tour of duty. So far for their interests in the matter and the facility.

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Die umfassende Dokumentation über den Luftverkehrsdienst Flugsicherung. Eine Buchreihe in mehreren Bänden, die von Frank W. Fischer im Verlag der International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services (ANSA) herausgegeben wurde.